Sears Commercial

Role: UX/UI, Visual Design
Contractors and property owners couldn't shop online at Sears Commercial because the site had no e-commerce capability. The look and feel of the site was outdated as well. Sears customers were still very loyal to the brand, and had close relationships with their Sears reps. I was hired to redesign the site, and enable online shopping capability.

In discussions with the team, it was decided that we'd ship an MVP to get our customers shopping online as soon as possible. Due to org changes I wasn't around for final design or launch. But I provided valuable research, and artifacts that would help inform the team's efforts moving forward.          


I conducted contextual interviews with contractors and property owners to gain empathy into their experience with Sears Commercial. I also researched competitor sites to get a sense of how they handled the use cases important to our customers. 


  • Customers needed the ability to shop online for Sears Commercial products
  • Product availability, earliest ship date, pick up or delivery
  • Customers were using competitor sites to shop online like Home Depot, Lowes, Grainger, HD Supply...
  • Brand loyalty to Sears was very strong in spite of the fact that they couldn't shop online
  • Mobile was important because many customers were on-site (property owners, contractors) 
  • Ability to create lists is important
  • Ability to easily reorder is very important
  • Show discontinued items with suggestions for replacement
  • Reviews are important from other pros

Interesting observations:

  • Brand loyalty was very strong in spite of the fact that we didn't have an e-comm solution for them

Used interviews, Sears Commercial specific inventory, and competitive research to create a site map focused on an MVP. 


Started some initial wire frames exploring the features we knew were essential to the MVP experience. Here's an exploration showing availability, and store location option.


  • Started wire framing the key experiences known to be important to users
  • Started putting wireframe mocks in front of users getting feedback along the way
  • Created foundational research and artifacts informing our process toward an MVP

Future iterations:

  • Implement order tracking visual that's explanatory and give visibility to status
  • Camera integration so customers can share site conditions with delivery team
  • 360 rotating images so customers can get a better view of products